Solar Services in Yorkton, SK

C.K. Electric Inc. provides solar panel energy options for the residents of Yorkton and surrounding area. We strive to provide the most efficient and affordable solar energy solutions to homes, farms, and businesses at the best price possible. We’re proud of our commitment to making harnessing the energy of the sun possible, and we look forward to becoming your energy solutions provider.

Solar Panels

Solar Engineering (Designing)

C.K. Electric Inc. starts with a consultation and site evaluation. During this step, we will answer all of your questions and get to know your solar energy goals. We then conduct a site analysis to see which type of solar energy technology is best for your particular situation, and design it based on that information.

Man Installing Solar Panels

Solar Installs

During installation, our expert certified installers will set up your solar energy system, providing on-site management to address any construction challenges. Safety is our priority, ensuring top-notch results and mitigating any potential risks.

Man Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar Maintenance

At C.K. Electric Inc., our service doesn’t stop with installation. We offer solar system maintenance and monitoring, ensuring that your panels perform at peak efficiency throughout the years. Should any panel ever need repair, we have the necessary tools and equipment to perform the job quickly and efficiently.

Solar Panels

Energy Efficient Upgrades to Houses

C.K. Electric Inc. can help make your home more energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint. Home energy efficiency improvements are good for your bank account, too, because money you invest in energy efficiency or renewable energy systems will pay off in time with reduced energy bills.

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